5/17/13 - YAPC Interview

YAPC: How would your friends describe you in 20 words or less?

Maureen: A lunatic. A bit eccentric. A terrible singer, but that doesn’t stop her from singing. Loyal.

YAPC: Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

Maureen: At least you clarified the world. :) With the BEYOND Series being set in space, the options are endless! But, if I was to be more practical, I would love to live somewhere where I had to take a horse down the driveway to my mailbox.

YAPC: If you wouldn’t be a writer, what you would be?

Maureen: Sad.

And considering that I can’t sing…I guess that career is out. Alas, I’d be an IT geek.

YAPC: How long have you been writing? 

Maureen: I started out in the sixth grade with my mega blockbuster, SUPER WATERMELON MAN.  It took many years until my first Romantic Suspense, WIDOW’S TALE was nominated for a Golden Heart award with the Romance Writers of America. After that, I never looked back.

YAPC: Who is your favorite character in your new release?

Maureen: It is a computer named JOH.  He’s extremely literal, and pleasantly na├»ve. He can’t sing either.

YAPC: Which character do you most relate to – or like the most?

Maureen: Aimee Patterson is the lead character.  When she starts out in BEYOND, she is just graduating high school and about to embark on an engineering degree in college.  She played clarinet in the marching band, and though she is shy at school, she has a very inquisitive nature.  There is one scene in BEYOND that is a true story grabbed from my past. Of course, please don’t tell my parents!

YAPC: What inspired you to write? Did you take any ideas from other books, movies etc?

Maureen: When I was a little girl, I used to watch the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and I had such a crush on Starbuck.  I used to dream that he would come in his spaceship and take me from my backyard on a romantic adventure in the stars.  The dream stuck with me…so why couldn’t I make it real?  Thus BEYOND was born.

YAPC: Which genres do you prefer to read?

Maureen: With the BEYOND Series being primarily YA/New Adult Science Fiction, you’d find it surprising to hear that my favorite genre is Romantic Suspense.  Although, Romantic Suspense can take place anywhere…including outer space.

YAPC: Where can your fans find you?

Maureen: for the BEYOND Series, or for anything else! 

YAPC: Morning person or night owl? 

Maureen: Most definitely a morning person.  I could solve world peace between 6-8am!

YAPC: How many more books can we expect in this series?

Maureen: I will leave that up to the readers. There isn’t a cliffhanger at the end of BEYOND: TWO SUNS, but if people want to read more...yes, the outline is complete for BEYOND: EARTH. :)


  1. I love "Romantic Suspense can take place anywhere...including outer space."

  2. A fab interview and one thing Maureen did not say about herself and that is that she is amazing.... I love her to bits.

  3. @JB - Well...there was a certain amount of romantic suspense in LOST IN SPACE? No? :)

    @Pauline - You light up my life!

  4. Fantastic interview!! I am soo looking forward to reading this series, Maureen! It's on my TBR list for sure! Ohh, I can't sing either. lol And I LOVED Battlestar Galactica!

  5. Aww Karen, thank you for "waftin" over here!! LOL I am honored. I think I had a spiral notebook with Starbuck on the cover.