Coming in April 2017!


Four Worlds is the fourth and final book in the BEYOND series.

Zak and Aimee are expecting a child. Fearful of the doctors on Earth detecting any genetic anomalies, they return to the safety of the Guardianship Horus, where this unique toddler will be welcomed without question.

But, upon arrival they learn that the Horus is not as safe as they thought. The massive craft is failing, its structure crumbling after a series of celestial hits. Quite simply, the Horus must land…and fast.

Anthum. A planet so lush, so serene, dotted with grand temples and sparkling rivers. This was the planet the citizens of the Guardianship Horus fled from after an epidemic. With the virus no longer a threat they can now return to the pristine land they once called home.

Is Anthum really as pristine as their memories portray? Yes, it still looks beautiful, but it harbors secrets. Secrets that can force these settlers back into being nomads. One of these secrets engages Gordeelum, the young warrior seeking to make a name for himself. One of these secrets could be his greatest threat or his only ally.

Fleeing Earth to protect their child, Zak and Aimee instead find themselves in a land filled with deception. Will they survive this fourth world?

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